Ciao, I'm Renato

Industrial designer

Me as a designer working together with various other specialists from different fields. These multidisciplinary connections, growing project to project inspire me from a technological approach, and also shape my way of thinking. There are no two similar  commissions, which urges me to be in a constant research, about how our world works.

My approach to design begins with an accurate study of the materials, and how they effect the form and function of the object. During my studies, I was about to ask relevant questions regarding technology, material, and innovation. During my first professional assignments I have encountered wide range of application of concrete. After the experiences I’ve collected during my time in the workshop, I was inspired to examine the integration of artificial lights into concrete as my diploma work.  

The idea of two different materials(wood, metal, ceramics etc.) combined with a contemporary forming tool (laser cutting, CNC milling etc), their ability to shape have always excited me. I have strong passion about working with these tools. The combination and relationship between the sustainable and industrial design are the basis of my future research.

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3D Prototyping

Graphic design

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