4BORD trestle

Urban nomad is a life-style of people moving frequently due to their fast changing jobs. My graduation project aims to serve them with an experimentally mobile furniture. It lacks any complicated components, its assembly doesn’t require tools. The product is a table stand, that is adjustable to various heights, according to the daily use.

The basic structure of the object is the octogonal axle, and the iron joints. The joints are laser-cutted, edge-bended from sheet-steel, and powder coated. According to its height adjustments, legs touch the table board at various withs.

The user can download a simple design of the wooden parts of the legs, that a local carpenter is able to produce with basic tool. The idea decreases logistic costs, and supports local labour-force.

• product design,

• product visualisation,

• material experiments


MA Diploma thesis project

supervisor: Nándor Balvin DLA

chair design: Máté Horváth

photo: Mátyás Csiszár 

model: Dóra Szeidl

year: 2018

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